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Doula Services

Nets Manela

Childbirth Educator

Certified Doula,
ALACE, toLabor

Serving families
in the Baltimore region
and beyond

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Reisterstown, MD

Birth Doula Services
Holistic, experienced support for
home, hospital, and birth center births

A gloriously pregnant friend, Cedar


I believe:
•The knowledge of how to give birth already exists within every woman
•A woman labors best where she feel safest,
•A woman in labor deserves an environment in which her privacy, autonomy, and emotional security are protected, and her mobility is encouraged
•Mother and baby form a unit whose well-being is intertwined
•Birth is a crucial rite of passage during which women are both
incredibly powerful and vulnerable
•Less intervention leads to fewer complications
•Women and their partners deserve access to good information in order to exercise informed consent
•The partner's experience matters

Why hire a doula?

Studies show that women whose births are attended by labor support professionals (doulas) experience the following benefits:

50% reduction in cesarean rate

25% shorter labor

60% reduction in epidural requests

40% reduction in synthetic oxytocin use
30% reduction in analgesia use
40% reduction in forceps delivery

Better mother-infant interaction

Admission to the hospital further along in labor

Fewer episiotomies

 Hodnet, E.D. et al. A randomized trial of the effects of monitrice support during labor: Mothers’ views two to four weeks postpartum.  Birth 1989; 16(4):177-183

 Kennell J, et al. Continuous emotional support during labor in a U.S. hospital. Journal of the American Medical Association, 1991:265:2197-201.

 Sosa, R., et al. The effects of a supportive companion on perinatal problems, length of labor, and mother-infant interaction. N Engl J Med 1980; 303:597-600

Service Includes:

Prenatal Preparation

•Two prenatal meetings, at least one in your home,
for me to understand how I can best serve you,  and for you to get to know me

•Educational resources to help you make truly informed decisions

•Suggestions and referrals to help you maximize your well-being

•Support in preparation for birth and parenting

•Access to my lending library

•Unlimited Phone consultations

•24/7 on-call availability starting at 37 weeks

•Arrangements for qualified back-up 


Labor and Birth Support

•Begins in your home, whether you plan to give birth at home, in a birth center, or at the hospital

May include:

    •Aid in relaxation and breathing

    •Encouragement of instinctive position changes and movement

    •Hydration and nourishment

•Creation and protection of a safe and comfortable space

    •Heat and cold therapy

Water therapy

    •Massage and acupressure

    •Use of rebozo and birth ball

•Homeopathic remedies

    •Words of praise and encouragement

    •Information to help you make decisions

•Help knowing when to leave home if birthing elsewhere

    •Collaboration with and support for your partner

•Photography (disclaimer - I'm not a great photographer)


Post-Partum Nurturing

•Immediate post-partum support includes help with breastfeeding, clean-up, refreshment, and settling in with the new baby.

•Home visit to process the birth experience, assist with and answer questions about breastfeeding, healing, postpartum wellness, baby care and parenting

•Referral to useful community resources

•Continued telephone availability

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