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Nets Manela

Childbirth Educator

Certified Doula,
ALACE, toLabor

Serving families
in the Baltimore region
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Reisterstown, MD
About Nets Manela
Childbirth Edu
Certified Doula (ALACE, toLabor)

Lev and Shama, Summer 2010

One winter morning in 2005, I woke up knowing I needed to be with women in birth.  After completing doula training with ALACE (now ToLabor) the following fall, I began working as a volunteer with the DC Family Health and Birth Center.  Since that time, I have been attending births in the DC and Baltimore areas in homes, birth centers, and hospitals, serving as a doula, monitrice, and assistant to homebirth midwives. 

I started teaching childbirth classes through BirthWorks, International in the summer
 of 2009 and have continued to evolve my curriculum based on the needs and feedback of each round of participants.  As such, I have allowed my certification to lapse.

 In 2014, I completed The Matrona's program of study in Holistic Midwifery.  I plan to continue with apprenticeship and midwifery training when our growing family is ready.

My own three children were born at home with a midwife - Lev in 2007, Shama in 2010, and Yovel in 2014.  My husband, Jakir, caught Shama with his own hands, and I received Yovel into my own!  

Our family lives in Reisterstown, MD, near the Pearlstone Conference and Retreat Center.  We are blessed to be raising our family here.

I speak Mandarin Chinese and Te Reo Maori, as well as a few words of Hebrew.  I work comfortably and respectfully with all kinds of families and am always honored and amazed to be doing this work.

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